Social Media Campaign: The GreenComp Enterprises project’s Key messages

As we are in the first months of the GreenComp Enterprises Project, we consider it appropriate to share with you some short messages, to introduce the Project’s goals, so that you have a better understanding of what we are planning.

In our second social media Campaign therefore, we present five key messages that encompass the Project’s core objectives. The GreenComp Enterprises Project is based on the GreenComp framework and aspires to assist startuppers and entrepreneurs in their sustainable businesses. With the creation and development of high quality online training material, available in six languages, we will foster their sustainable competences. The online format and the multilanguage accessibility, are two aspects that will help broaden the audience base and reach even the most isolated parts.

As we wait for the interesting developments of the GreenComp Enterprises Project in the following months, do not waste any time and come to get to know us now.

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