Social Media Campaign: Meet the partners of the GreenComp Enterprises Project

As we commence the GreenComp Enterprises project, we wanted to introduce you to the project partners: DANITACOM (Denmark), OECON GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. (Bulgaria), Magnetar (Cyprus), People of 2050 (Denmark), INZEB (Greece), Materahub (Italy), and Sensus (Sweden).

For the next two years people from six different countries and seven organisations will work closely together to bring the GreenComp Enterprises project into fruition. Through frequent communication, excellent collaboration and hard work, the projects’ milestones will be achieved one by one. Furthermore, the national diversity of the partners offers a unique advantage, as the developed materials during the project’s lifetime will be translated from English in the five partners languages.

GreenComp Enterprises project’s goal is to provide the necessary tools to assist startuppers and entrepreneurs develop their sustainable businesses and to become an example for green and ethical enterprises around the world.

Let’s meet the partners! Linked In, Facebook.

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