GreenComp Enterprises project first official meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

The GreenComp Enterprises initiative commenced officially on December 1, 2022. However, the inaugural face-to-face meeting took place on January 30th and 31st, 2023, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hosted at DANITACOM, the project coordinator, and partners convened to delve into project details and address any queries, setting the stage for the months ahead.

Over the two-day meeting, there was extensive deliberation on the project’s timeline and milestones. The team scrutinised deliverables and meticulously planned the requisite tasks to ensure timely completion. Following the online kick-off, each package leader dedicated time to craft detailed presentations outlining tasks for their respective work packages and strategise upcoming activities. Queries and concerns were comprehensively addressed, fostering a collaborative environment.

The initial project activities, focusing on implementing Focus Groups and the Communication and Dissemination plan, took center stage. To achieve the GreenComp Enterprises goal of enhancing the skills of startuppers and entrepreneurs in sustainable entrepreneurship, the first step involved identifying skill gaps. Focus Groups, conducted in each partner’s country (Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark, and Sweden), enlisted experts and stakeholders in sustainability and business management to map these gaps. Insights from the Focus Groups, coupled with expert advice, would inform the development of innovative training materials and tools.

The communication and dissemination strategies for the project’s greater impact were also presented. The plan of the scheduled activities to make the GreenComp Enterprises project known to the project’s target group, interested parties in sustainability, and the public, was discussed thoroughly.

The meeting wrapped up in a collaborative spirit, with the partners feeling empowered to continue their efforts to promote green skills and sustainable businesses.

The project consists of seven partners from six countries: DANITACOM (Denmark), OECON GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. (Bulgaria), Magnetar (Cyprus), People of 2050 (Denmark), INZEB (Greece), Materahub (Italy), and Sensus (Sweden).

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