The Focus Groups

GreenComp Enterprises is pleased to announce the successful execution of Focus Groups across all six partner countries, namely Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Italy, and Sweden. The primary objective of these meticulously organised sessions was to facilitate the identification and documentation of challenges faced by start-ups and entrepreneurs during their business initiation and subsequent operations. Comprising […]

Social Media Campaign: The GreenComp Enterprises project’s Key messages

As we are in the first months of the GreenComp Enterprises Project, we consider it appropriate to share with you some short messages, to introduce the Project’s goals, so that you have a better understanding of what we are planning. In our second social media Campaign therefore, we present five key messages that encompass the […]

GreenComp Enterprises project first official meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

The GreenComp Enterprises initiative commenced officially on December 1, 2022. However, the inaugural face-to-face meeting took place on January 30th and 31st, 2023, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hosted at DANITACOM, the project coordinator, and partners convened to delve into project details and address any queries, setting the stage for the months ahead. Over the two-day meeting, […]

Social Media Campaign: Meet the partners of the GreenComp Enterprises Project

As we commence the GreenComp Enterprises project, we wanted to introduce you to the project partners: DANITACOM (Denmark), OECON GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. (Bulgaria), Magnetar (Cyprus), People of 2050 (Denmark), INZEB (Greece), Materahub (Italy), and Sensus (Sweden). For the next two years people from six different countries and seven organisations will work closely together to bring […]