2nd GreenComp Enterprises Technical Project Meeting

The 2nd GreenComp Enterprises Technical Project Meeting was held in Limassol, Cyprus, on the 23rd and 24th of October 2023. It was a good opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and welcome new additions to our project team.   

Magnetar, the project’s partner in Cyprus organised the 2nd Technical Project Meeting. It was hosted on the premises of Anaglyfo Consulting Ltd, after the gracious offer of Mr. Evagoras Kasinides, who participated as a trainee in the Transnational Training in Matera (September 2023).  

It was a remarkable two-day meeting. All the project partners collaborated and discussed intricate details and challenges. We celebrated a significant milestone – the success of our Transnational Training in Matera (September 12-14, 2023), which empowered start-uppers and entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed for their sustainable businesses. Furthermore, the Transnational Training served as a pilot for the Business Sustainability Handbook.

The Business Sustainability Handbook was created after the project partners identified key areas of need in sustainable entrepreneurship through focus groups and stakeholder input. It was presented in Matera for the first time, where we received valuable feedback from our trainees. During the two-day meeting in Limassol, we were able to finalise the Business Sustainability Handbook. This innovative resource, translated into six languages (English, Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Italian, and Swedish) will be the foundation of the GreenComp Enterprises project. 

Moreover, we thoroughly reviewed past achievements, current and upcoming activities. Essential updates were provided for current tasks while all future project activities were equally discussed and agreed upon, and our next steps were carefully strategised. 

Special attention was given to the development of the digital tool, which will include the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). The details, requirements, and implementation of the Individual Acceleration Training through mentors were also decided. Finally, we brainstormed to find ways to spread our efforts and hard work to a broader audience.  

The 2nd GreenComp Enterprises Technical Project Meeting was concluded by validating the commitment the project partners have shown since the beginning of the project.  

Our aim is to set the standard for innovative business sustainability at regional, national, and European levels, and even further. 

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